Welcome to West Ada Online Scheduling!

To make changes to your course requests before school ends:
Please take the time to review your student's course selections for 2019-2020 school year.
This is the time to request changes before schedules are set.
Your choices directly affect class sizes as well as the hiring process.

Please consult the Course Description Book when making your choices.
This will give you detailed information about the courses. These are located on your school website.

* Print out the course request page.
* Indicate what course you want to drop by crossing out the course(s) and writing in what course(s) you want to add.
* The page needs to be signed by the student and parent.
* Return to the high school counseling office or email the signed page to the counselor.

Class changes in August and January will be considered based on availability and if they meet the criteria listed below.
* Student is taking or has completed the course through online or summer school. Documentation is required.
* Student is assigned to a teacher with whom they have previously failed.
* Student is dropping an Honors or AP Course (note: Honors and AP Classes may not be added 2nd semester)
* Student needs a different class required for graduation or for college admission.
* Student has an incomplete/incorrect schedule (i.e. hole in schedule, missing 1 semester of a yearlong class, or placed in the wrong math level)
* SENIORS ONLY: Student is dropping an elective course for an early release or late start.

To log in to Class Choice please use the same user name as you use to logon to a school computer
first initial+first 4 of last name+last four of PS ID for example Bee Cuter is bcute1234 and
your password State ID # (EDUID)

User ID: