Welcome to West Ada Online Scheduling!

Thank you for using this site to review student schedules for the 2020-2021 school year.

Due to social distancing, students have been assigned to a team. This has caused a greater than normal burden on counselors and administration to level classes, not just by total enrollment, but also by the number of students on each team.

This work is ongoing. For this reason, schedules may be changing. If there is a reason that your schedule must be changed (for example, you have already taken a course that is in your schedule) you should email your counselor with a request to change.

Please attend the courses that are listed on your B-Day schedule in ClassChoice which will be your Quarter 2 classes on the first day of q2 the new Quarter. Do not go to the counselors' office unless you do not have a full schedule. Fill out the request to change form. These forms must be signed by a parent to have changes made. Your counselor will contact you with any changes.

Have a wonderful 2020-2021 school year!

To log in to ClassChoice please use the same user name as you use to logon to a school computer

first initial+first 4 of last name+last four of PS ID for example Bee Cuter is bcute1234 (not case sensitive)

Your password is First initial of your last name+First initial of your first name+last four digits of your State ID (EDUID) number,

For example CB5678 (*Note initials are capitalized)

Both your PowerSchool ID and your State ID (EDUID) numbers can be found in either the Parent Portal or in your student login to PowerSchool.

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